Turkey Telecommunication Ministry blocked access to services of Internet search engine giants, Google

Some ADSL company’s and Internet services providers have sent their customers E-mail’s and letters informing them of inaccessibility or the slow use of certain Google services.

Turkey have already received criticism for Internet censorship after the ban of video sharing giants YouTube along with certain other websites.

TIB has also tried to block Facebook several times.

The Google accessibility problems started Thursday night where several Internet users in Turkey were unable to access Google.com.tr or suffered serious delays in the pages and services being uploaded.

One Internet Service provider sent this information to its users warning of some service problems that may be experienced.
*Accessibility problems to Google.
*Web portals and sites which use Google Analytics (the Google service which analyzes ad’s, visitor quantity, etc) along with Google Maps may have slow services.
*Some websites which use Google Toolbar may be slow to access.
* Some websites which have been integrated according to Google may be effected.

The shock decision to block Google came after Telecommunication Ministry started to block IP addresses of the websites rather than the DNS of the websites as of 31 May.

What is the reason behind the latest Internet Censorship
It is alleged that due to several countries around the world banning popular Internet sites such as Google owned YouTube, Google have changed the IP addresses of YouTube to ones used by Google to try and tackle the problem.

Source: tweetchennai

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