University of Asia Pacific (UAP) donated warm clothes among the destitute people

Every year in Bangladesh, especially in winter season, many poor people suffer in the cold weather because of the scarcity of warm clothes. Being conscious citizens of this country, we cannot let this happen in front of our eyes.

In order to help the severely affected people in winter season, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) of The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) arranges worm clothes distribution program in the rural areas of Bangladesh. This year warm clothes were distributed in Kamrangirchar which is situated beside Dhaka city, on 27th January, 2010. Approximately 300 destitute people were provided warm clothes in order to save them from severe cold weather.

Faculty members and students of CSE Department (UAP) donated their worm clothes generously and participated at the distribution program. The students also arranged a film festival to collect fund for the destitute.

Photos of the distribution program:

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdul Matin Patwari, Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. R. Kabir, Treasurer Prof. Dr. Md. Sekendar Ali, Registrar Kazi Ashfaq Ahmed and Head CSE Mr. Aloke Kumar Saha were present at the worm clothes distribution program.

Students and Faculty members of CSE participated at the program

Women and children were waiting for the worm clothes

Faculty members of CSE were distributing worm clothes

Eyes of destitute children were fixed to worm clothes

CSE Department of UAP urges to all to help the destitute people

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