Wake up Bangladesh — Mount Pumori Moved to This Delta

Published in 1992 (Computer Jagat)

When the drab regulatory impediments and incongruous brucratic decesions are hindering the all-round faster growth of Computer Industry in Bangladesh, in that sad era of prolonged computer infancy here arrived an accomplished Napalcse computer entrepreneur to sell his banking software product — Pumori.

Though it is heart wrenching for us, we still welcome the Ncpalese banking babe with a broad hope that this latest Napalese invesion shall wake us up and our toddling computer industry shall stand on two good feel to start a glorious run (not walk) in the global computer village sooner.

Named after a mount of Himalayan Range, Pumori is a on-line Multiuser Banking System Software featuring audit trial, dynamic menu, multilateral security, better customer statement, phone enquiry and external computer hookup.

The CEO of Nepal’s Mercantile Office Systems Mr. Sanjib Raj Bhandari introduced the Pumori System to bankers, entrepreneurs and business executives in a daylong seminar jointly organised by Mercantile Office System and their local partners NSS and IBM. To impart acom-prehensive knowledge of its operation Mr. Sanjib practically demonstrated the system and claimed that Pumori is flexible, easily manageable and secured.

Speaking in the seminar the other Napalese software elite Mr Prakash Bajra-charya of Mercantile Office Systems said that the bankers could keep account of the whole banking system through Pumori and the system has special transaction security and transaction tracking system needed for branch banking.

In an exclusive interview with Computer Jagat Mr. Sanjib said that his company is dealing banking system since 1985. It was KAPITI, a largebank-ing software from England. They sold only a few KAPITI in Nepal. They decided to develop their own banking system and with 70 man-years of effort they delivered their own baby – Pumori in 1988.

Sanjib’s company is also authorized reseller of Novell Netware in Nepal. I Ic announced the birth of Pumori in thj 1990 Australia-Asian regional conlei-ence of Novell in Hong Kong. Puinon was formally launched in Nepal in 199 ]. Mr. Sanjib said that Pumori is baM-cally equipped to handle very large volume of banking transactions. In Nepal a Pumori costs USS 50,000 to S 80,000 and they have so far installed 7 systems. For rural and small banks with low volume of transactions they have another version called Pumori Lite, which is relatively cheaper.

Mr. Sanjib hinted that selecting correct people is the key in successfully marketing a computer software. He always looks for key people having expar-tise in banking and computer before he launch his

product in any country. He said—”it is vital because it is the local partner who will support locally, not me.” In Bangladesh his all important local partners are NSS and IBM. The LAN will be provided by ACT the Bangladeshi reseller of Novell.

Mr. Sanjib is talking with 2/3 people to launch Pumori in India. Pakistan’s Habib Bank is one of his joint-venture partners in Nepal and he is expecting to launch Pumori in Pakistan through them. He has already found partners in Malaysia and Indonesia and shall participate in bid there.

He informed that in Nepal there is no university degree on computer science so far. One will start next year with two years college level degree. In the capital Katmandu there are lot of computer activities in the school level. ‘Almost all sorts of schools in the capital have computer’, he said.

Mr. Sanjib also informed that at present Nepal have about 60 hardware and less than a dozen software cxparts, most of whom studied computer overseas. ‘Many Napalese companies are using computer these days’, he said.

Mr. Sanjib who did his schooling in Katmandu’s American School, graduated from Bombay in Management and Accounting. After finishing higher studies on Computer and System Analysis in the UK he Stepped-in in his family business of office equipment in 1983. In 1985 he expanded the Mercantile group’s empire, which was established far back in 1949, by floating Mercantile Office Systems.

An well informed Mr. Sanjib said- ‘Inspitc of resource constraints the banking sector of SAARC region is going through a rapid reform and we want to contribute something positive with IBM’. He continued – ‘We are in touch with IBM since 1985.’

Mercantile have around 20 other financial and commercial application software products for local use. These are General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Receivables and Payables etc. They are talking with NSS for marketing of these products in Bangladesh.

Mr. Sanjib said that the World Bank’s appointed accounting firm Booz Allen and Hamilton is now working in Bangladesh on computerization of local banks. Based on their recommendations the entire spectrum of banking sector will undergo a lot of changes. Booz Allen have already reviewed Pumori System in Nepal, where they worked before, under similar World Bank contract.

Mr. Sanjib mentioned that though Pumori has some advantages which are lacking in other banking software already introduced in Bangladesh and though the program is fairly big to give wide range of dependable services, nevertheless it will face competition for its price. ‘The only worry is that it may be costly’, he said.

‘For successful induction, of the system Mercantile will train people from NSS and ACT in Dhaka and Nepal concluded a personable Sanjib.

A/.am Muhumood

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