AOC Launched 3 New Products in Bangladesh

AOC, the in-house brand of TPV technology, the world’s largest manufacturer of display products launched 3 new products for the Bangladesh market on Thursday, 24th June. The new products include AOC LCD Monitor, AOC TV and AOC All-in-One PC. A spectacular event was held at Winter Garden, Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka to celebrate the launch of products. The event included a Press Conference, a cultural session followed by a gala dinner. The Sr. Director, AOC, Mr. Mukesh Gupta, the Managing Director of EZY Infotech Pte. Ltd, Mr. Rezwanur Rab Zia and Vice President of EZY Infotech Pte. Ltd, Mr. Ramesh Umashankar was present in the press conference.

In the press conference, Mr. Gupta officially appointed EZY Infotech Pte. Ltd. as the distributor for AOC products in Bangladesh. He also said that AOC is thinking positively about the Bangladesh market and is planning to launch more products here within a short period. He added that the new AOC LCD Monitor is one of the best in its class and is coming with enhanced and updated technological features. He said the AOC TV would enhance the viewing experience with excellent features. On the other hand, the AOC All-in-One PC is aimed at meeting all the requirements of the users of all kind. He further said that AOC is hopeful of getting a positive feedback from the Bangladesh market.

There was also enough display of the new products and the guests in the programme closely inspected the products. They also got details of the products from the brochures and leaflets provided in the event. There was also a FAQ session in the event where the guests asked whatever they wanted to know about AOC and its products.

AOC has been present in the Bangladesh market for quite a few years now. Since it’s beginning, it has grown exponentially both in terms of market share and customers’ satisfaction. Apart from that, the company’s global brand equity is also playing a pivotal role in equipping Bangladeshi customers with the right product.

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