Great Response in PC World Bangladesh Magazine Donation Program

The country’s topmost IT magazine PC World Bangladesh, published by ISN Ltd under a license from the International Data Group of Boston donating its back issues among education institutes in Dhaka to spread relevant, up-to-date and cutting edge ITC information to students in an ongoing program.

PC World Bangladesh already donated its back issues to Ispahani Girls’ School & College, BIAM Laboratory School and Tweet Tutorial, Universal Tutorial, Ideal School & College, Siddeswari Girls’ School, Gateway International School, and an NGO called “Dhaka Project”. Recently, on February 17th, PC World Bangladesh has donated its back issues to National Bank School, Baily Preparatory School and Nazrul Academy.

Many institutes in and outside of Dhaka are eager to get PC World magazines for its students. But PC World Bangladesh initially limited its donation program within Dhaka for unavoidable circumstances. If your school is interested in receiving back issues, please contact 01919 652767 or email at

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