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The livegaan team is collectiong all the rare audio archive of the history and culture of Bangladesh and make them accessible worldwide through the site, with a vision to spread Bangla Language, Bangla Culture, Bangladesh to ourselves and to the world.

For the last few years we have been collecting all types of Bangla songs, Music, audio archives, Kobita and many more with an aim to

  • Create a website ( for spreading Bangla gaan, Bangla culture all over the world
  • Promote listening music online, instead of download.
  • Build up the biggest Archive of Bangla Audio.
  • Accumulate rare collections of our local musics (Folk songs, Classical songs, Regional songs such as Sylheti Gaan, Puthi pat, Pala gaan, Gombhira, Pahari gaan, etc) with the help of the users. We follow the same method used by youtube, but concentrated on Bangla Songs and Archives only.
  • Create a platform for the new artists to show their work to the people.

Having these visions in mind, we started the work, and launched the site for testing on 3rd December. The response we got was very encouraging and tempted us to launch the site officially on 16th December by uploading some rare collection of Chorom potro, 1971 and some rare Regional songs later. We started with 16000+ songs on 16 December; plan to reach 21000+ on 21 February and 26000+ on 26th March…… so on.

Copyright issue

To deal with the music copyright issue, we have considered the followings:

1. We will not be providing or encouraging any commercial activities through our site using the contents.

2. The content of our site will be uploaded by the users following the same policy as followed by youtube. The contents will be solely uploaded by users and users only.

3. We will only promote listening music online and not download. If someone likes to own any song, he or she should buy it from the market.

4 Our sites terms and conditions will be clearly written and showed to the user, before they use the site (You can see those in our home page)

5. If anyone request for any content removal with proper authority we would do that right away.

6. We will have our law consultant who will deal with these issues.

Here is the links of the copyright laws that we are following

Exclusive Collections

Our team is ready to accumulate any types of quality work in audio media of any format. Here we enlist some of our already made collections (we consider as exclusive):

1. 1971 Chorom Potro (1st part), Radio Drama (such as ‘Jollader Dorbar’)

2. 110 Bongo Bondhur Bhashon from 1070 -1975

3. More than 3000 Robindro Shongeet

4. Regional song as Pahari gaan (Chakma), Sylheti gaan, Hoakhali gaan, Vhayaiyya Gaan (Rangpur), Ghomvirra (Rajshahi), Pala Gaan (Manik Gong), etc

5. All the songs from Bangaldeshi movies since 1970

6. Very rare Baul Gaan in the original format

7. Instrumentals from the masters of different Bangladeshi musical instruments

8. Classical songs, Bangla Quawali

9. Nazrul geeti since 1950 till today.

more coming ….


We have the following functionality in the website

1. Efficient search option:

In this search area, anyone can search for any song in the whole drive using the song title or the artist’s name. The search function is very fast and smart. Users can also search by letters, or by music type/genre

2. Live Rating of Songs

From the site, anyone can know, the current ratings on any song, or the most popular songs of the months, years by ‘What’s hot’ option

3. Upload

Any user can upload any song that he or she thinks should be in this site. After filtering it would be accessible from the site from the corresponding folder.

4. Bulletin

To give any notice from the admin

5. Shout Box

For the users to give comment or any request.

6. Playlist

Anyone can make playlist as wish and share it with others.

7. Use song as a link

Anyone can use any song here as a link and can use it as a gift in mails or in any posts. While playing any song or album this link comes at the top of the window.

Our Team (Not to disclose, only to let you know, as you asked)

For the time being, we are four persons actively working for this project. This project is done under the authorization of company ‘Fashion Trinity’ registered in Germany. We operate mainly from Europe with our Branch in Canada, USA & Australia

LiveGaan Brance office:

13/A, Résidence Puebla

Rue de Puebla, 71200 Le Creusot


Tel: +33-629746489

News Link: at ‘Somewherein’ blogpage at ‘JAy JAY DIN’

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