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Dhaka, Bangladesh- Designed to apprise viewers by touching on relevant tech topics worldwide as well as discussing issues and insights with the eminent figureheads of the technology and telecom industries Banglalink Digital World is a custom built program. This program is an initiative taken by Banglalink to educate and aware viewers about the aspects of digital technology and how technology is touching and changing lives everywhere.

The program modality consists of different segments that talk about the leading news in the IT world, tech-story, tech-news and finally useful and applicable tech-tips.

The first episode of this program has already been aired on BTV last Thursday 20th May 2010, where ISP Association President Aktaruzzaman Manju was interviewed and discussions held about the role of the ISP Association in the country’s Internet scene.

With the mindset to create mass media Banglalink Digital world has officially launched their own website. In this website internet browser will amused to find all the episode of Banglalink Digital world and the discussed issues in every episode. The website will also feature different segments about the leading news in the IT world such as tech-story, tech-news and finally useful and applicable tech-tips.

Viewers who have missed the first episode of Banglalink Digital World will find program archived in the website. To visit the website go to

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